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General | January 26, 2021

Accelerated Systems Inc. Places Industry Veteran Josh Wilson As Director Of Engineering & Strategic Programs To Lead It’s Outdoor Power Equipment Electrification Program

Josh, with his extensive experience in focused Global Product Development will spearhead the interdisciplinary development and delivery of ASI’s landmark OPE solutions.

e-Bike | November 24, 2020

Accelerated Systems Inc. (ASI) And Teznic Inc. (Teznic) Have Collaborated To Bring The Ebike Community The Fastest, Longest Range, And Highest Torque Sur-Ron Ebike On The Market.

ACCELERATED SYSTEMS INC. (ASI) AND TEZNIC INC. (TEZNIC) HAVE COLLABORATED TO BRING THE EBIKE COMMUNITY THE FASTEST, LONGEST RANGE, AND HIGHEST TORQUE SUR-RON EBIKE ON THE MARKET. By marrying ASI’s motor controller with Teznic’s battery upgrade, riders are able to double the power and range of the stock bike. The collaboration between ASI and Teznic brings Sur-Ron owners access to a new level of performance that simultaneously extends the range while increasing the power. With a top speed of 60mph already, the amalgamated team focused on making it possible for riders to enjoy their ride for longer periods and in more challenging terrains. All in all, the new customization lets you go further, faster.

General | November 20, 2020

Canada’s Accelerated Systems Inc. Quietly Plays Big Role in Global eBike Marketplace

Accelerated Systems Inc. (ASI), is quietly playing a big role in the global evolution of electric-powered vehicles. Their electric technologies can be found in outdoor power equipment, e-scooters, e-golf carts, e-motorcycles and e-bikes.

General | March 14, 2018

Canadian Government Is Investing Up To $800,000 In Accelerated Systems Inc.

The Canadian government is investing up to $800,000 in Waterloo-based Accelerated Systems, which manufactures motors, controllers, and drivetrain products for e-bikes, electric equipment, and electric vehicles.