Our History


The current management Team was actively involved in the development of efficient electric push lawn mowers. The Team built an electric lawnmower that not only passed but significantly exceeded the performance criteria given by a large German OPE Manufacturer. This product was ahead of its time.


Husqvarna approached the Team to develop a riding electric mower. The challenge was to develop an electric motor that could cut an acre of grass on a single charge in under one hour. This required the development of some completely new technology and ASI was successfully able to demonstrate a solution.

The new proprietary Technology lead to pioneering developments by ASI in both the Ebike and OPE Industries.

2009 - 2016

The ASI Controller and Motor Technology was further developed to expand its applications and to gain market share particularly in the E-Bike industry.

March 2017

The current Executive Leadership Team purchased full control of ASI, brought in additional expertise and further refined the ASI Controller and Motor technology to advance it to world class status.

The Team expanded ASI’s product lines by adding high powered motors and controllers suitable for off-road utility vehicles.  

They established relationships with several Fortune 500 companies, doubled the engineering team and quadrupled sales over a two year period.