Accelerated Systems Inc.

Building technology takes creative and sound, from the ground up leadership. Meet our team.

Our Trailblazers

Willem Jager

Chief Executive Officer

Willem (Bill) Jager believes in the solution-focused electric- motor innovations and strong partnerships. He leads the ASI team in developing practical, step-ahead, end-to-end products from inception through to manufacturing.

Claudia Demandt

Executive Vice President

Claudia Demandt has a natural talent for sales, marketing and people management. She is responsible for growing ASI’s sales and marketing divisions, as well as its management team.

Jeremy Jager

Senior Vice President

Jeremy Jager manages the both big picture and details. Responsible for finances, as well as supply chain and vendor relationships, he ensures deliverables are on target and on time.

Josh Wilson

Director Of Engineering & Strategic Programs

Josh Wilson with his extensive experience in focused Global Product Development spearheads the interdisciplinary development and delivery of ASI’s landmark electrification solutions.